Dear Friends,

Since the tragic death of George Floyd and the subsequent worldwide protests which have
spotlighted the continued injustice and inequality suffered by Black Americans, we at Ballet
Dallas reflected deeply on how our response to these events could be meaningful, mission
driven, and resonate within our community. Our internal discussions deepened our
understanding of one another and brought us closer as an organization.

Ballet Dallas, which launched as a new entity in 2018, recently revised its mission statement to
make ballet innovative, accessible, progressive, and affordable. We affirm our commitment to
creating an environment for our dancers, artistic staff, and board members which is rooted in
equality, inclusivity, and openness. We asked ourselves, how can we use our artistic platform to
create meaningful relationships and foster lasting change?

In being true to our mission, Ballet Dallas is launching a new annual production entitled
Empowering Voices, which will provide opportunities exclusively for underrepresented
choreographers, composers, and musicians. This program will commission new ballets as well
as revive historic works from national, regional, and local talent, with an emphasis on
promoting local artists. Ballet Dallas will continue to provide opportunities for a full spectrum of
diverse artists throughout its seasonal programming in conjunction with this new initiative. The
first production of Empowering Voices will be in July of 2021.

In addition to creating artistic opportunities, Ballet Dallas will engage in activities to help
strengthen our city. We are open to hearing suggestions from you to understand how we can
make an impact. It is now incumbent upon us at Ballet Dallas to follow through on these
promises and make our company a true reflection of the diversity of our city.

At Ballet Dallas, we share a passion for the way ballet touches the deepest part of our
humanity. Together, we can inspire hope, give voice to diverse artists, and bring artistic
expression to our community.

Most Sincerely,

Artistic Director
Ballet Dallas