Cost: $15 suggested donation

How it works:

  • Make a donation (as little as $1) to our Venmo @balletdallas

  • In the memo of your Venmo donation, specify which day you would like to join and your email address so that we can send you the link to the Zoom class.

  • Please make your Venmo transaction at least 24 hours before the class. Otherwise we cannot guarantee that you will receive the link in time.

Check back each week for our updated schedule!

Learn more about Artistic Director and master teacher, Carter Alexander.


What dancers are saying about Carter's class:

"Taking Carter’s class from home the past 4+ weeks has been such a gift! A gift I wasn’t even looking out for! My singular year with him as my teacher, at a very pivotal point in my training, completely reshaped and refocused my dancing. I can still hear his voice in my head when I dance, and it has been just wonderful to actually hear his voice even saying my name, reminding me of bits and pieces that make a world of a difference in my dancing. I am so thankful to have had this time being a student again of one of my favorite, most respected, and most influential teachers.”

- Ellen Grocki - Dancer with Miami City Ballet


“It’s been such an amazing opportunity to be able to take Carter's class again. His teaching changed the way I danced and approached movement. I truly wouldn’t have been able to achieve all I wanted to senior year and beyond without his instruction and guidance. Returning to his class on Zoom has brought me so much joy! His classes keep you on your toes, are simple yet effective and bring the musicality and precision to the forefront of movement. His combos are clear, focused on technique, placement and the efficacy of ballet. They’re challenging, fun and have reminded me why ballet is the foundation of dance. These classes have been a life saver during quarantine. We get the whole class in and it’s space effective and gets you dancing! I’m so appreciative of Carter for hosting these classes.”

Deep Leigel - Professional Dancer, NYC, SMU Alum


“I am so grateful to have the opportunity to reconnect with Carter and take class his classes again. During this time of uncertainty, his generosity in opening up Ballet Dallas's company class has been a source of great comfort and familiarity. Each combination feels like home. As a teacher, it has been invaluable to revisit his methodology and learn through active participation. The progressive nature of not only each exercise, but each class, was always fascinating to me as a student, and has been joy to revisit with fresh eyes. He is a great mentor, and while I wish the current circumstances of the world were different, I treasure this time."

- Pete Doll - Artistic Associate, Los Gatos Ballet